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Are you carrying a little too much extra weight (especially around your middle), feeling tired too often, feel your hormones are out of balance or suffering from joint pains? 

You're come to the right place.  I analyse comprehensive  blood panels (using algorithms based upon extensive published nutrition research) to create truly personalised Nutritional Therapy plans that really work and include: 

  • a personalised food plan 

  • targeted supplements

  • lifestyle advice

  • one to one coaching  

Dietary and lifestyle change is always challenging and to be successful it's much better to implement them with proper coaching.  I provide support and accountability to help you implement lasting changes, as well as help you to tackle any of the common challenges you may have, such as an excessive desire for sugar or alcohol, excessive cravings and overeating, and/or binge eating.  Together, we'll examine and break these barriers down until they lose their power in a compassionate, confidential and non judgemental space. 

Based in Crystal Palace, London and online.  There is currently a two to three week waiting time for an appointment. 

  • Food first Nutritional Therapy

  • Comprehensive blood testing at leading London laboratory

  • Algorithms used to deliver evidenced based results

  • Supplements recommended only if required

  • Fully trained Metabolic Balance Coach (for the individualised dietary plans)

  • Trained in the psychology of eating, including overeating, binge eating...


  • Weight loss

  • Fatigue

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Metabolic Issues

  • Inflammatory conditions

  • Peri-menopausal symptoms

  • Digestive Issues

"Just as food causes chronic diseases, it can be the most powerful cure." Hippocrates 420BC

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Weight gain/hot flushes/tendonitis

Karen Jones will give you super powers. Karen Jones will help you heal yourself. The combination of science, Karen’s nutritional knowledge and wisdom will give you the tools you need to get your health and weight back to where they should be.

I started the Metabolic Balance programme with her 3 months ago hoping to avoid having to take HRT and to ease some symptoms of menopause naturally. Weight gain and hot sweats were my main issues but as we chatted about my general well-being, it became apparent that other health niggles were related to the menopause - minor but ongoing bloating / digestive issues, tendonitis in my feet, arm and hand so painful I

could not open a bottle of milk and needed a device on my door key for extra leverage.

Karen helped me look at my health in a holistic way. I was aware that the menopause was causing changes in my body but what I was not doing was changing how I was eating / living to accommodate it. I was carrying on just as I always had pre menopause. Karen has educated me on how our bodies change and how to adapt as the new

menopausal me. It has been life changing. I am grateful beyond words.

The programme starts with a blood test, the results were a huge reality check for me. I was expecting menopausal issues, but the results revealed further silent health issues. I had deficiencies that needed addressing, some general health markers – cholesterol etc., were going the wrong way and my thyroid was seriously underactive. Had I not found Karen and started this process to stop / reverse / improve these issues I was heading for some real ill health problems. Three moths in and the progress has been phenomenal. I have lost all the menopausal weight gain (1.5 stone) this alone has transformed how I feel physically and psychologically, better energy, more confidence, improved self-esteem just for starters. The first couple of weeks on the new way of eating take a bit of adjusting to but once you get organised (and you need to get organised) and in a routine it’s easy. I started to feel better in terms of bloating and energy levels pretty quickly, the weight started to go down in a consistent way week on week which was and is hugely motivating. I have never felt hungry or deprived in any way and did not crave anything that I had cut out. I just felt better and better and that feels wonderful. Supplements addressed the deficiencies (and the tendonitis). My hot flushes have reduced and are minimal in terms of occurrence and intensity and I feel confident that with this changed, improved

lifestyle. I will just continue to improve and flourish. This is not a 3 month programme

for me, this is a permanent change in how and what I eat. You’ll need to embrace

discipline; this is not a stick to beat yourself with – it’s a tool for achieving what you want. Feeling good again is the best reward. We ran my blood tests again after 3 months and pretty much everything has improved and is in the ‘normal’ range, there is room for improvement in a couple of areas but the huge progress in such a short time proves to me that this nutritional programme is fundamental to my ongoing health and well-being.

I cannot recommend Karen enough. If you are floundering with your diet, health and

menopause you need look no further. Karen Jones will empower, educate and restore you to your best self.


KD London July 2023



Karen Jones 

Bsc (Hons) BA (Hons 1st class) DipCNM mCNHC mBANT

I'm a Registered Nutritional Therapist who can help you improve your quality of life with highly personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice.  My aim is to work with you to maximise your vitality by supporting your body's natural intelligence through;

  • optimising your diet - I prefer to use the Metabolic Balance system, which identifies which foods are the most beneficial for your health using a comprehensive blood test and applying over 700 algorithms to it.  Otherwise, I offer personalised evidence-based dietary advice based upon your diet diary, any test results and your health history.

  • optimising your gut health - I use Probiotic Advisor to recommend evidence based probiotics that work, as well as other evidence based gut support. I studied the microbiome after graduating and have written a number of articles on it.  See published articles here.

  • maximising your nutritional status - vitamin D ensures healthy immunity, strong bones and much more but only if levels are optimal.  And that's just one vitamin.   I use blood test algorithms and diet analysis to analyse your nutrition levels and supplement as required.

  • supporting any systems that are under stress - supporting systems when they are under stress keeps everything else balanced and prevents any nutrient deficiencies developing.  For example, stress depletes magnesium, which is also needed for digesting carbohydrates.

  • removing any barriers to health - you may be consuming foods that are causing inappropriate reactions or being exposed to toxic chemicals at work or at home. My job is to identify and remove. these.

Improving health naturally is a journey not a magic pill (sorry!).  Natural processes take time to change so results can take time too. Most people start to feel a difference in as little as a week to 10 days but improvements just keep coming with compliance, even if you don't stick to the plans 100%.  Within 12 weeks, you will feel significantly more energetic and balanced.   

Come and join me on a nutritional therapy journey to maximise your health.

Psychologist Session


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  • BA (1st) Ayurvedic Medicine 

  • Dip Nutritional Therapy (3 years)

  • Post grad research on the Microbiome 2019

  • Probiotic Advisor training 2020

  • Functional testing for Nutritional Therapy 2020

  • Metabolic Balance coach training 2021

  • Evidence Based Nutritional Therapy 2021

  • Naturopathy CNM 2021/22

  • Master Practitioner Course in Eating Disorders and Obesity (2022-ongoing)

  • Nutrigenomics (Jan 2023-ongoing)



  • Book in for a FREE discovery call via the calendar below, to talk about nutritional therapy and/or Metabolic Balance.​ 

  • Or send an email below with any questions or requirements and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

07930 557772

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