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Green Smoothie

Payment plans available


There is a 2-3 week waiting time for initial consultations.

INITIAL 3 MONTH PLAN which includes:

Nutritional Therapy and 3 months coaching

Nutritional Therapy is about changing the way you understand and consume food, which is a process.  Changing eating patterns successfully is much easier with weekly coaching.   It starts with a detailed 90 min+ Initial Consultation, where I take a full health history and look carefully at your diet and lifestyle.  This information, together with your blood test results and the results of any other tests, form the basis for my dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.  Over the next weeks, together we ensure that you are able to make the necessary changes in a fully supported but also accountable way.

Blood Test 

I require a 36 marker blood test from all my clients, which I put through evidence based algorithms to help me understand which systems are under stress and which nutrients may need supplementing.  Click here to understand which bloods are tested and why.  I order this test from The Doctors’ Laboratory in Wimpole Street.


Metabolic Balance Dietary Plan 

The plan is formulated in Germany using over 700 complicated algorithms to analyse the blood result and is totally individual to each person.  It is very effective for weight loss, hormone balance and for reducing any inflammation. 

The TOTAL COST of the initial 3 month plan is £950 and is made up as follows: 

-£500 covers the Nutritional Therapy and 3 months of coaching 

-£250 for the blood test

-£200 for your individualised Metabolic Balance dietary plan.  

This can be paid in one payment or spread over 3 months with an initial payment of £550 to cover the costs of the bloods, plan and initial consultation and £200 for the following two months to cover the coaching.


  • One-off 45 minute consultation (with written follow up email) - £65

  • Ongoing 50 minute coaching session - £45

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