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Only For You

There is a 2-3 week waiting time for initial consultations.

Where you are right now is as a result of everything that has happened to you up to this point.  Your birth, genes, upbringing, diet, environment, age, health, relationships and work-life balance have all played a part in your health status today, which is as individual as a fingerprint.  

Nutritional Therapy is a natural way to optimise health, and natural systems take time to improve.  I only work with a 12 week plan, to allow real change to take place and stick.  

The first step is the initial consultation:


Before the consultation, you will be sent a diet and lifestyle questionnaire.  I will also require any relevant medical test results and the names and dosages of any medications and supplements you are taking.

The consultation itself will take up to 90 minutes and I am trained to take a medical, diet and lifestyle history to build up a detailed picture of your health journey up to now.  I use this, along with your presenting symptoms and test results, to put together an evidenced-based personalised diet, supplement and lifestyle plan, which includes:

  • easy to follow instructions

  • suggested meal plan/recipes

  • explanatory handouts 

  • links to useful websites

  • letter to your GP (if relevant)

  • functional testing (if required)


Once you have had your bloods taken, and they have been fully analysed, we enter a coaching journey together over 12 weeks to implement the individualised diet, supplements and lifestyle suggestions. 

One-to-one coaching ensures support with accountability, and deals with blocks to change as they arise.  Examples may be addictions to sugar or alcohol, or the desire to binge.  These are broken down and analysed so they can be understood and overcome.

This produces excellent results as it ensures you understand and stick to the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to fully support your health ongoing.   


  • Further follow-ups/coaching can be arranged as and when required after the 12 week plan has been completed.

  See pricing section for details.

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