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Overcoming my own health challenges

As a child, I was given numerous antibiotics as a result of constant ear infections, tonsillitis and bouts of bronchitis.  This eventually led to the removal of my tonsils and adenoids.  Being brought up in Lebanon, I also suffered a number of serious gastro-intestinal infections, which were treated with both oral and IV antibiotics.   Another issue I had was that I kept breaking bones and my tooth enamel was very weak.   The discovery of a large cyst on my kidney which was affecting my calcium metabolism helped to explain this, and luckily, it rectified after the removal of the cyst.  I was (and still am) extremely hyper mobile in all my joints.  I became very familiar with doctor’s offices and hospital beds.
My teenage years and twenties were not so eventful, but were marked by many sore throats and swollen glands (often treated with antibiotics), bouts of serious thrush, continual digestive issues and an underlying fatigue.  I never really felt well or energetic and everything I did felt like an effort.  Even so, I settled down and went on to have 3 children, and this further depleted my reserves and the pregnancies triggered painful arthritis in my hyper-mobile joints.   
I struggled on, managing, but as I moved into peri-menopause in my 40's, my joints further deteriorated and the pain and fatigue intensified.  I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in both my knees (and told I would need them replaced) and I started developing arthritic nodules on my fingers.  I was having to take naps just to get through each day and was in a considerable amount of pain every time I moved.  Life felt really hard.  
I was reluctant to take conventional pain killers due to their side-effects, especially on the gut, and deep down I believed that there had to be ways to improve my conditions naturally.  I started buying books and listening to lectures online and began putting into practice the things I was learning.  Slowly everything started improving, so in 2016 I decided to study formally and enrolled in a 3 year diploma at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.  
This helped me to stop my arthritis progressing and to manage any pain using an anti-inflammatory diet and natural supplements, and I no longer need to nap to get through the day.  I even have the energy to run a weekly organic food market as well as my Nutritional Therapy practice.
Becoming a Metabolic Balance coach in 2021 took my healing to a new level as I went through the programme myself.  My joints got stronger, my sense of smell improved and I look and feel better than I have for a long time.  I have lost 9.95 kilos (22 pounds) so far, and am aiming for a loss of 12 kilos (26.5 pounds) altogether.  Nothing else had worked to help me lose the weight I had gained during peri-menopause, despite me trying every strategy I had learned in my nutrition training.  Metabolic Balance really works, and has given me back my waist as well as my old wardrobe.
So now at nearly 60 and post-menopause, I'm full of energy and ideas and I’m not lugging around all those extra pounds on my midriff.    My life is based around using Nutritional Therapy and Metabolic Balance to help others access the healing power of good food and natural products.   Come and join us.

My Story: Welcome
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