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I have worked with Karen to alleviate symptoms of menopause. Karen has incredible scope of knowledge and experience and she not only created a personalised dietary programme for me but also connected the recommended changes of diet to the wider impact of these changes upon feeling well in both body and mind. It has been a holistic and transformational process that has resolved very troubling symptoms. 

Before starting this programme with Karen, I had almost lost hope that I could reverse my menopausal weight gain. Karen introduced the dietary changes in a sensitive, clear and manageable way. I have struggled to stick to diets in the past but I have been following this diet consistently for 5 months and plan to continue, as I now understand from my experience under Karen's guidance, how to eat to keep myself feeling well and manage my weight. Amazingly, I feel 'full' without any cravings! My weight loss has been steady and consistent and is continuing.

Equally as effective as the weight loss has been the considerable increase in my energy. Until my energy level started to improve (after only a few days following the dietary changes and taking natural supplements prescribed by Karen) I hadn't realised how low it had been. I realise now that severe lack of energy was making it much harder to manage my menopause symptoms. Thanks to following Karen's advice, I now have plenty of energy to accomplish all of the tasks and activities during my days, my sleep is better and this increased energy means that I am enjoying life more and able to manage challenges and tackle new projects and plans so much better than before.

AW London

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